Teen Pornography And The Imminent Dangers Of Technology

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Sexting defined as the sending of sexually explicit photos, images, text messages, or e-mails by using a cell phone or other mobile devices. Numerous issues have surfaced due to self-produced erotic images and movies that tend to appear throughout online and mobile phone networks. The majority of these issues seems to involve minors, teenage sexuality, child pornography and the imminent dangers of technology, has apparently made unclear the circumstances and repercussions that follows what has been the focus of considerable media attention and social concerns. There has been several court cases due to the sexting of minors, including a case in Philadelphia where the Freedom of Speech was used as a defense. Legal regulations of sexting, weakens the ideas of youthful sexual innocence by perpetuating damaging conceptions of gender, sexual agency, and sexuality (Rollins, J). Online forums and social networking sites has become domiciles where individuals feel comfortable to express and explore sexual practices. Sexting, appears to thrive off of these technological environments. Lately, being associated with those environments has created issues that has lead to the circulation of naked images and photos with the intention to humiliate and shame individuals for numerous reasons (Gorenstein, N.). Its been suggested that young adults coerced into sexting by a partner experience greater psychological trauma than those whose partner coerced them into physical sex (Peek, H. 2014). A study concluded that 4 % of teens aged 12–17 had sent sexually suggestive, nude or nearly nude images of themselves to someone via text messaging, and that as many as 30 % of older teens had been the recipient of such images. Another study, focused on teenag... ... middle of paper ... ...es that 's targeting child pornography, suicides committed, black-mailing, and ones privacy been violated. Several incidents that involved sexting, has led to criminal court cases. Digital media consumers at times forget that their personal integrity comes into play when they are online. Eventhough, everyone is promised the first amendment, there 's proper policies and etiquette that one must abide by, to avoid any situations that could intrude on another, or even result in legal matters. The morals that individuals were taught while they transitioned from adolescent to adult, was instilled to be exercised during lifetime situations. If the consumers of this ever changing digital era, adapt to the ethical behavior, that is neccessaried throughout social media and the internet world, we can possibly cut down on all these issues that seems to plaque digital media.

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