Teen Driving

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Teen Driving

Getting the License

Many of today’s teens can’t wait to get that piece of paper with the cheap plastic on top, saying they are newly licensed drivers. But in New Jersey that’s going to be a little harder, since January 1, 2001 NJ has put into affect the new Graduated Driver License Program (GDL).

The GDL is a program that teens and first-time drivers must complete to get their unrestricted license. This program was designed to lower the number of driving fatalities among teens and first-time drivers in NJ. The teens and first-drivers having more experience on the road, they’ll be ready for any driving situation.

The GDL will affect anyone born in the birth year of 1985 and later, who apply for a permit. For people born in the year 1984 and earlier, you are very lucky, because this new law does not apply to you. Just as long as you apply for a special learners permit prior to the age of 17 through a state approved Drivers Education Course.

The steps to getting your license have gotten harder.

1. Special Learner’s Permit (Student Permit)

Age: 16 Cost: $10


· Pass Vision & Written test. (100 questions in Multiple Choice)

· Complete behind-the-wheel training through an approved program to receive a valid permit for a minimum of 6 moths of supervised driving.

· Obtain parent/guardian signature.

· Pass road test.

The Student Permit driver must be accompanied by a NJ Licensed driver, 21 years old or older and be at least licensed for 3 years. The permit driver must drive supervised for 6 months. They can have only have passengers from their home address plus one additional passenger. They may only drive between the hours of 5:01 am to 11 pm

2. Provisional License

Age: 17


· Complete Student Permit requirements

· Complete a minimum of one year unsupervised driving.

Driver can only drive between the hours of 5:01 am to midnight. Their passengers must have the same address as the driver except one.

3. Basic License

Age: 16


· Complete provision License Requirements

The Provisional License driver may drive longer then the hours permitted by the state if they can get a written waiver from their employer or religious authority.

Choosing the Right Car

Now that you’ve got your license, its time for your “ride”...

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..., the higher cost for insurance. For example a ticket for driving 20 mph above the posted speed limit will result in 4 points added to your driving record. Resulting in losing a $ 1,000 due to the insurance increase and state surcharge over three years.

Cost is also determined by your age, gender, where you live, how many miles on the car, and what type it is. For example if an 18 guy and 34 woman buy their insurance in NJ, him a 98 Toyota Celica with 45,000 miles, her a new BMW 530I, and both living in Ridgewood. The guy would pay more for his insurance because he’s more prone to have an accident with his sports car and he has less experience behind the wheel then she does.

If a teen gets his/her own insurance they would pay $ 1,800 for six months coverage. But, if they were added to their parent’s insurance policy, the policy would increase $ 600. However through the teen must be added to the parent’s policy within 60 days of getting his/her license, or the teen runs the risk of falling into a different insurance level, which translates into higher premium.

Remember that driving is a privilege not a right, so drive safely because it saves you money and a lot of lives.

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