Teen Depression: The Causes And Effects Of Teenage Depression

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Doctors are prescribing, clinicians are assessing, and parents are disregarding an issue that continues to increase as the years pass. Teenage depression rates have been skyrocketing for years, but the issue is only now starting to make a dent in today’s news. This is mostly due to the development of new tests and medications that can first diagnose the issue and then treat it. When people think about teenage depression, they imagine someone closing themselves off in their dark room while crying and maybe even self-harming due to a bad breakup. I, however, I see a giggly girl who loves to read, hang out with her friends, and obsess over her favorite boy band. She gets straight As and stays on top of all her work, so she can be successful when…show more content…
Why can it not be the president of student council? Depression can affect anyone at any given time. It is different than being sad or gloomy; it is not an emotion. The only time today’s society acknowledges teenage depression is when a teen idol mentions they are suffering from it or a teenager commits suicide. Adolescent depression is romanticized in songs as if it is the best thing to be diagnosed with nowadays. However, it is not. Depression not only affects one’s emotions, but every aspect of their life. Teenage depression is often perceived as a symptom of puberty. Due to this mindset, teenagers are often left untreated until physical signs of depression are shown such as self-harm or worst case scenario, they commit suicide. The teenage suicide rate has also increased due to misunderstandings and misreading of symptoms. Doctors are so busy rushing to get their appointments handled they tend to miss signs of depressions and suicide in their adolescent patients. Parents are often so busy with other things that they barely pay attention to their teen’s symptoms and often overlook it as an attitude, which leads to the “if I” questions. If I had checked on her that night, would she still be…show more content…
Depression is a mental illness that can make an individual have feelings of sadness. It is a mood disorder that causes a chemical imbalance in the brain (Demitri). The chemical imbalance in the brain then will cause the body to start reacting differently. This will lead to the body having trouble functioning. Depression is not just a mood disorder that affects your thoughts and well, mood. It affects every aspect of your life. It is different from the changes of moods that we all experience as normal parts of our lives. Those emotions are momentary responses, but depression is not something that goes away after a couple days(Demitri). Several situations can cause someone to become depressed such as death, disappointments, stressors and short-lived periods of malaise (Durbin). The first step in getting help for depression is talking to a doctor or a therapist and describing thoughts. After that, depending on the symptoms, a treatment plan will be made. Depression is treated by psychotherapy and for extreme cases, medication (Demitri). The first step of treatment starts out with psychotherapy so that the problems can be voiced while learning new coping methods with a psychologist or counselor. During this time, the therapist will listen to the client while trying to figure out an exact

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