Teen Curfews Argument

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“ Many people argue that teen curfews are necessary because it will keep young people out of trouble. They also say teenagers are more likely to get in trouble at night than during the day. Teens are looked at as the age group that causes the most trouble , and society targets them when it comes to matter for crimes. Setting curfews and restrictions on young teens will not solve the problem on violence. Teen curfews do not affect the community positively. Having a teen curfew is ineffective and useless.”

A couple of reasons that the curfews started to be enforced was to decrease crime rates and to try to keep them out of harms way and keep teens safe. The fact is that all curfews do is put teens in harms way.

The curfew is also getting
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Liberty is a concept in political philosophy that means human beings are able to govern themselves and behave according to their own free will. Curfews ignore the idea of liberty and have not proven themselves as a successful tool against juvenile crime and yet are popularly utilized throughout the United States(C).” “ Curfews should be eliminated because they violate Constitutional rights, they can lead to discrimination and profiling of youth, and they take away resources, including money and time, from law enforcement. Teen Curfews are unconstitutional. We are equal and should be treated that way is that not true to teens? Teens deserve to be treated equal and same rights as adults. Adults are always telling teens to grow up and be more mature but how are teens supposed to do that when they are being treated like children with curfews. Teen curfews have an effect on youth 's ' constitutional rights and are commonly viewed as an overreaction by authorities to real or perceived increases in juvenile crime or endangerment(cpost).” “ Also, restricting minors ' freedom because of children 's particular vulnerability may be unconstitutional, because it is in the interest of cities to protect all citizens equally from crime. For a teen curfew to be justified, it must pass strict scrutiny—the ordinance must be narrowly tailored to meet a compelling interest of the government(Gammon). In numerous cities, however, teen curfews do not exempt the constitutionally protected activities of minors and instead trample on their rights. Teen curfews, therefore, do not make
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