Teen Competency Is A Common Issue Of Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy Teen pregnancy is a common issue among teenage girls. It changes the future of most teens. It brings them straight into the life of mother and father hood. This completely takes them out of their teenage years. I know a few teen moms and some of them are still succeeding in school and some of them aren’t. School is already stressful enough. I can’t imagine having to add a baby into the equation. Most of them don’t get the chance to go to college and have fun like the rest of us do. They have to stay at home and work to take care of their child. Financial instability often results from having a child early. Most of the babies born to teens moms are born into impoverish states. Teen pregnancy is extremely preventable. I believe…show more content…
Teen Pregnancy is when a person less than 20 years old has a child. 273,105 babies were born to women aged 15-19 in 2013. There was a birth rate of 26.5 percent of babies per 1000 girls in this age group in 2013 (Teen Pregnancy in the United States par.1).The rate has never been this low and it’s dropped 10% since 2012 (Teen Pregnancy in the United States par.1) Public health and significant health issues have a huge impact on teen pregnancy. African American and Hispanic teens account for 57% of teen pregnancy. Caucasian Americans have the lowest percentage of teen pregnancy (Disparities in Teen Birth Rates par.2). Only 50% of teen moms get their high school diploma by age 22 instead of 90% of women who don’t have children in their teenage years (The Importance of Prevention par 2.). Diapers, formula, clothes, and other baby items are extremely expensive. Children might look cute, but they cost a lot of money. You have to pay for doctors’ visits and other expenses. Then trying to take care of a baby, work, and go to school is a lot of one person. Yes, I know adults do it, but we are talking about people who haven’t even finished growing yet themselves. Trying to study with a crying baby isn’t an enjoyable…show more content…
Sex before marriage has become acceptable in our community. Also, “only abstinence” birth control often leads teenagers to challenge authority. There is often the improper use of birth control because of the lack of education about it. Many teenagers don’t know the “consequences” from getting pregnant at a young age. Some of them also experience peer pressure to have sex or are involved in pregnancy pacts (Why do teenage girls get pregnant par.1). Many changes happen to your body when you get pregnant. A few of them include breast growth, mood swings, skin changes, and etc. (Changes to Expect in Your Body par. 1). There are many symptoms and ailments of pregnancy. A few of them are nausea, vomiting, hemorrhoids, heartburn, etc. (Changes to Expect in Your Body par.1).In the first trimester you are extremely tired and just want stop the nausea and morning sickness. During the second trimester you start to get a larger baby bump. You can find out the sex of the baby during the fifth month. I’m sure school becomes harder for the teens because now people can physically see that you’re pregnant. Some of your friends may want to stop hanging out with you because you’re not a “fun friend” anymore. You’re trying to figure out your and your child’s future. There is no more partying or drinking (if you were doing that before). Frankly you probably don’t even want to be in that type of
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