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A teen activist is a teen that see’s something in the world that they think is not right and then does something to fix it. Teen activist are people who are smart, brave and not afraid to get knocked down. Two examples of teen activist are Malala Yousafzai and, Alex Lin. Malala stood up to the Taliban for taking away the freedom for girls to go to school. Alex help stop e-waste dumping in his state. According to a article Malala the powerful by kriston lewis Yousafzai is teenaged girl who lives in Swat valley with her dad. It started when the Taliban took over Swat valley. Later they took away the freedom of girls going to school. They did it because they believe that education is power. Even tho that were forced to shut down schools for girls Malala's dad kept his school open for girls. Malala started talking radio stations of what's happening where she is but, Being a teen activist can have consequences. On October nine 2012 as she was on the bus from school she was shoot in the head by a Taliban gunmen. She went to a hospital in England where she recovered and went back to Swat valley to keep fighting it took awhile but, Finally she was able to push the taliban out Swat valley. Malala is now talking on TV shows writing books about her life and even won the nobel peace prize. Malala…show more content…
Later he started a service team called WIN Westerly Innovations Network. Then later he collected 5,000 pounds of e-waste and, According to www.takepart.com “He's overseen the recycling of 300,000 pounds of e-waste.” He also fixed up the old broken computers and then sent them to less developed countries to media centers. He has made seven media centers for kids in less developed countries. In his town in Rhode Island he passed a law to make it illegal to dump or burn

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