Teddy Town

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Teddy Town A rich American family was planning on going on a sailing expedition, for a few weeks. They had planned to sail across the Atlantic Ocean and stay in Spain for a few days and then sail back to America. The head of the family, worked in a very successful dockyard, in which he fixed and refueled big ships. He had been working there for over thirty years, and slowly but surely he had worked his way up the financial ladder. He joined this dockyard at the age of eighteen, at that time the dockyard wasn't doing very well, and was in great need of people. As he hadn't had done very well at school, he decided to join as an apprentice. A few years later the shipping industry began to rise again, and so everyone that had stayed during the bad times all got higher positions and a nicer cheque to take home. His wife worked as a secretary in a very famous law firm, Biggs and Co. She worked for one of the biggest lawyers in all of America Mr Clinton Biggs the third himself. After school she had gone to Yale University and did very well in her studies there. When her four years were up, she got a call from a firm who seemed to be very keen to sign her. This wasn't a very big Law firm it was Downs and Co, so she said that she would notify them about her intentions a week later. For the rest of that week the law firm didn't stop phoning her to see if any other firm had phoned for her services. Half way through that week Bigg's and Co offered her a job as a backup secretary for Mr Biggs himself. She had felt absoloutly flattered.
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