Teddy Roosevelt : Giving America A Square Deal

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Teddy Roosevelt: Giving America a Square Deal The teddy bear might be named after Teddy Roosevelt (TR) but don’t let that fool you. Teddy Roosevelt was as strong as a bull moose. On October 14th, 1912 Roosevelt was the victim of an association attempt outside a Milwaukee hotel. The bullet was slowed from the prepared speech in his pocket. Instead of being rushed to the hospital TR insisted on delivering his speech first (Klein, par. 1). TR showed the crowd his bloody shirt and said, “It takes more than that to kill a bull moose” (Klein, par. 4). This act displayed Roosevelt’s true toughness and reminded everyone why they loved him. Throughout his presidency Teddy displayed toughness in doing what was right, standing up for what he believed in and being fair to everyone. Teddy Roosevelt kept the average working class American’s best interest in mind and through his toughness he gave America a square deal. As a young boy Teddy was very frail and sickly. When TR was a teenager he dedicated his life to to exercise and didn’t let his frailness drag him down (Miller Center, sec. 2). TR was born into a wealthy family and had the luxury to travel and receive private tutoring. When he went to Harvard he socialized with many other wealthy Americans (PBS, par. 1). Although TR socialized with and was born into wealth, he still kept the working class’ best interest in mind. This could be because TR’s father always emphasized how important it was to help the poor (PBS, par. 4). Roosevelt studied a variety of subjects at Harvard college and graduated in 1880. He then enrolled in Columbia Law School only to drop out a year later and pursue politics in New York (Miller Center, sec. 3). In 1884 Roosevelt experienced a life altering event. Both... ... middle of paper ... ...just short term, but long term decisions of Americas natural resources. By 1905 there were 60 forest reserves covering 56 million acres. By 1910 there was 150 national forests that covered 172 million acres (TFHS, par. 3) Together Roosevelt and Pinchot set aside five times as much land as all the presidents before TR combined (Cooper 1). TR was thinking long term on how to benefit the American people and preserve natural resources. Teddy needed the support of the conservative Republicans in Congress. He didn’t always agree with them but he knew if he wanted to win re-election in 1904 he would need their help. He promised to hold back on some of his progressive items to try to gain their support. Roosevelt’s main competitor in the Republican part was Mark Hanna. Hanna would pass away leaving TR’s nomination for the Republican party inevitable (Miller Center, sec. 4).

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