Ted Bundy: The Case Of Ted Cowell And Ted Bundy

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Theodore Robert Cowell, Ted Nelson, maybe Chris Hagen, or finally Ted Bundy, who really are these people and why will they be forever known? From 1974 to 1978 gruesome murders took place in many different states and for the longest time police were at a complete confusion. Little to no evidence was left at the scene, missing people with no found bodies and no one had any idea what had been going on. How would Ted Bundy be connected and convicted of over 30 murders and why had he committed them. Theodore Robert Cowell was born November 24th 1946 to Eleanor Louise Cowell. Living in a deeply religious family and neighborhood Ted was forced to live a lie from the day he was born. His mother Eleanor was known to him as his older sister, and his…show more content…
Once police were called visible blood stains were on her bed and pillows. No trace of her killer was found. It was not until a year later that her skull was found in what was known as Bundy 's graveyard. Following her disappearance other women were also found missing. Of those almost a hundred women were Georgeann Hawkins, Janice Ott, Denise Naslund, and Brenda Ball. Every one of his victims had similar features. They had a middle part, dark hair and were all very intelligent. When any of the remains were found of these victims it was too late to identify any fingerprints or things that would help link it to Bundy. Bundy murdered women in Washington, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Florida, Idaho, and Vermont. One of his victims was lucky and managed to get away. 18 year old Carol DaRonch was approached by Bundy in November of '74 pretending to be a police officer. Bundy told her that her car had been broken into and she should go with him to file a report at the police station. Right away DaRonch realized he was driving away from the station. He then stopped the car pulled a gun on Carol and tried to handcuff her. He slipped and handcuffed both cuffs on one wrist. Carol 's quick thinking of kicking Bundy and making her way to another car. She was safe but the same night Bundy was able to trap another victim. Carol 's get away to help was able to give the police some sort of evidence to who this attacker was. She still had the handcuffs to her wrist and retrieve smudged fingerprints from them. Carol was able to give them a description of the man and his car. Days later she found her coat had blood on it and brought it back to the station and found out the blood was type O. Later this evidence would match Ted Bundy 's and be used to connect him to this crime. The victim that Bundy had attacked the same night as DaRonch was Debby Kent. She was at a high school

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