Ted Bundy Psychopaths

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The human brain weighs only 3lbs. Though it is the most fragile organ in the human body is the most complex. It has complete control over a person 's physical and psychological homeostasis. The brain plays a large role when it comes to emotions. The amygdala is a structure in the brain that recognizes the first response to an emotional event. It is a tiny almond shaped structure located deep within the brain. This tiny structure triggers a series of reactions within the brain and sends signals throughout the body that account for body language, facial expression, breathing and awareness. These emotions are important in social interactions and forming social connections. The awareness of one’s emotion is crucial to everyday decision making,…show more content…
Psychopaths are often referred to as a “white collar criminal”. This is because they carefully plan out every detail in advance, often making consistent calculations and have contingency plans in place leading up to their act. These criminals appear and remain relaxed and diligent. Their crimes, regardless of the involvement of violence, will be precise and in most cases leave no trace behind for law enforcement to pursue. Unlike their counterparts, any crimes committed by a sociopath usually tends to have no premeditated plan. Their actions are purely based on…show more content…
He has assaulted and murdered numerous young women and girls during the 1970’s. Bundy admitted to authorities that he murdered thirty women. However, he is thought to have murdered over one-hundred people, not just exclusive to women, though he never confessed to these killings. In his last interview Bundy seems to portray a very ordinary and highly intelligent man with an ordinary childhood. He seems like someone incapable of committing the acts of violence and murder that he has. Bundy had become a very popular killer in the media due to his charismatic charm. Often having some individuals even feel pity for him. Ted Bundy is the definition of the term psychopath. He found pleasure out of murder, and his actions were not derived from his upbringing, but a hereditary link for psychopathy that had formed deep inside his

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