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Ted Bundy: fatally attractive, smart, and one of the most prolific serial killers in United States history. Theodore Robert Cowell, commonly referred to as Ted Bundy, was born in 1946 in a Vermont home for unwed mothers. He experienced uneasiness as a child, resulting in behavioral problems in school, yet he excelled in his classes and received grades that were above par. Although his quick wit and academic excellence is attributed to his mother, she never interacted with her son in a loving way; it is speculated that a tragic event that occurred in her childhood is the root of her coldness. Despite his good looks and intelligence, during high school and into college, Bundy suffered from acute shyness and always felt socially inept, especially around women. He kept to himself most of the time and rarely dated, until he met the love of his life and the target of his life-long obsession in 1967.
After dating for some time, she realized Bundy lacked any real potential and broke his heart, leaving him so depressed as to drop out of school. He was haunted for years, experienced mood swings, and earned himself a reputation as a thief. During this tough time in his life, he also learned that his sister was actually his mother who had been impregnated as a teenager, and his “parents” were actually his biological grandparents. After this information came to light, something inside Ted changed and his shyness transitioned into false bravado as he returned to school, further excelling in every aspect of his life. He won his true love back with his newfound confidence and was taking monumental steps into the political world.
Just when it seemed like their relationship was headed for the alter, Bundy abruptly cut off all communication wi...

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..., has attacked and killed several women, is deceitful and irresponsible. All of these qualities indicate Anti-Social Personality Disorder.
Although the exact cause cannot be pinpointed, the etiology of Ted Bundy's Anti-Social Personality Disorder can be assumed as biological and psychological. Ted's grandfather was said to express psychotic tendencies and his grandmother received treatment for depression. With a family history of mental illness, the possibility that genetics contributed to his personality increases. Also, there are several psychological factors that may play a role in the development of his mental disorder. Ted experienced many traumatic events around the time that he slayed his first victim, including finding out that his elder sister was actually his mother and being dumped by his first true love, both of which built up immense anger within him.

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