Ted Bundy, A Serial Killer

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Ted Bundy was a serial killer from the 1970s. He was born to Eleanor Louise Cowell, age 22, on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. His birthname was Theodore Robert Bundy, but he is more commonly known as Ted. Ted didn’t have a normal childhood while growing up. His mother’s family was very religious and Ted was an illegitimate child. His grandparents decided to raise Ted as their own child making him believe that his birth mom was his sister. Ted did not find out that Eleanor was actually his mother until 1975. He was a very bright child but he was also very shy which caused him to become a victim of bullying. On May 19, 1951 Eleanor married a young man by the Johnnie Bundy. During his highschool years Ted was arrested twice due to auto theft and burglary suspicions. Ted graduated highschool in the year 1965. In the year 1966 Ted transferred to the University of…show more content…
Ted is known for preying upon young college women. There are some victims of his that don’t fit in that criteria but most of his victims did. Ted used a ruse to lure women to his van. He would pretend to be injured, need help, or he would dress up as a trustworthy authority figure. After he would get the women to trust or help him he would take them back towards his van. Once they were near his van he would hit them with either a crowbar or a pipe and then he would bind their hands together. Since Ted knew he would be driving around with an unconscious body, he removed the passenger seat from his car and put the bodies in the empty space. Once he got them alone he would kill them by either strangling them or hitting them in the head. He would also rape them. He was a necrophiliac so he would rape them even after they were already dead. There are even some cases where he decapitated his victims and kept their lifeless heads in his apartments. Ted admitted to killing thirty women but it is believed that his kill tally is closer to one

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