Technology in the Modern Medical Office

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A small medical office of four doctors and support staff decides they want to set up a wireless LAN to let them to take their laptops with them from room to room for real-time data entry on patient records. The doctors know they need to comply with HIPPA controls over patient records and are concerned that a Wi-Fi LAN could compromise security. The intent of this paper is to offer advice to the medical office manager about the implementation of a Wi-Fi access point for their network. I will cover the elements needed within a policy, and the development of a high-level standard that will address the considerations for implementing Wi-Fi under HIPPA security rule constraints. Case Study Two 4 Case Study Two Ch.4, p.88 The modern doctor's office can be a den of inefficiency. In many cases, a physician must leave his or her patient to access the patient's medical records via a secure computer network. I know from personal experience, my doctor must leave the examination room, and go to her office to access her computer so she can make any updates, enter any notes, or to place an electronic prescription with my pharmacy. This can take anywhere from two to five minutes, and she has to do this for each patient she sees each day. Why does she have to do this, why not just have computers in a central site to help make her patients' visits more efficient, or at least save her all that walking? Well, she has to comply with HIPAA regulations that protect the confidentiality of all medical records. All doctors, like my doctor have had to build secure network using a physical connection to their equipment. However, as doctors migrate from hard copies (written copies) of their patients' records to a... ... middle of paper ... ...VPN is a major tool in securing the network. An Intrusion Detection System has been put into place to give a more detailed audit log. If your budget had allowed, we would have installed aluminum panels in the walls of the building to try to stop any wireless transmissions from entering or leaving the building. As technology changes, so must you. Eventually the government will get around to publishing their required standards to maintain your compliance with HIPAA, so you must be ready to act. We will also be watching for any technological enhancements as well as any legal changes to would make your system obsolete. Just remember that you as users must do your part to make sure that you have the best system that you can possibly have. You must stifle any information because any security is just a meager deterrent to any dedicated hacker.
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