Technology in the Classroom

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Certainly technology has always impacted both students and teachers in the classroom. The invention of Guttenberg’s printing press in 1451 brought the printed word to the masses and made learning more accessible to the common man. The introduction of the pocket calculator in the 1970’s freed professionals and students from the slide rule and made learning and performing mathematical calculations much less time consuming. Fast forward to today and the technological opportunities are stunning. Students today carry around cellular phones that are far more powerful and magnitudes smaller in size than many of the first computers! Too often many of these technologies, cellular phones, personal music and portable video game systems are seen as distractions in the classroom. However there is an upside; there exist many technologies which have the opportunity to significantly impact the instructional experiences of all students. Information is now available in new and exciting ways. New technologies such as smart boards, the internet and e-books allow students to access, interact and carry information with them in new and exciting ways and despite obstacles such as cost, training and resistance to changes in pedagogy, can impact students learning experiences in a verity of new and positive ways.

Smart Boards

A relatively new piece of technology being introduced into the classroom is the Smart Board. Part whiteboard, part touch screen computer, the Smart Board is an interactive media device which allows for the manipulation of on screen programs which can directly enhance student learning. Unlike previous tools such as white boards, projectors and computers, the Smart Board combines the best of each and allows educato...

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...that text book publishers are purposely holding back on converting more traditional textbooks to e-books because of concerns over rights managements and fears that e-book sales will decrease their profits and the used textbook market (Woudstra , 2003). Despite these issues however it is clear that e-books provide a great advantage for students when compared to traditional textbooks.

Adopting new technology is never easy and adjusting educational pedagogy is often difficult as well. The current addition of new technologies including smart boards, the internet and e-books are the current technologies influencing the classroom today. Although they can often prove to be expensive, the advantages they provide students has been clearly observed. These technologies help to create a more dynamic and hands on school environment which engages today’s students.