Technology in our Vehicles

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The Use of Technology in Our Vehicles

Henry Ford’s thinking was (Ford, n.d.) should he ask people of his era, what would make travel better, the citizens would have replied, faster horses. The continual advancement in Technology started with the invention of the wheel. Society continues to thrive, in the world of technology although; there are advantages and disadvantages, in this constant progress. For example, technology tends to be very distracting to the motorist, which numerous people believe is the direct cause of near accidents and fatal accidents. Hanes compiles staggering facts from one survey preformed, showing that 97% of drivers think that text messaging when driving, is unsafe; even though, one out of seven of those people surveyed are guilty of text messaging, when driving, according to the AAA Foundation report (2009, cited in Hanes, 2009 p. 2). The results suggest that distracted drivers are on the roads, some with their precious families, as passengers. People should become knowledgeable about safety in using technology before jumping in; further, one must know that consequences come with the mishandling of these devices, when driving distracted. The three most popular devices are cell phones, Global Positioning System (GPS), and iPods, which people use in their vehicles. The spotlight today is on the misuse of cell phones, when driving. Note the other popular devices mentioned, are rapidly becoming priority news because of misuse. In-vehicle infractions are harder to detect by the authorities than other infractions (Hanes, 2009, p.3). Technology devices available today are quite helpful when driving vehicles; even so, numerous activists believe technology devices routinely cause vehicle accidents, by distr...

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