Technology in Education

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The article “Computer Just Can’t Stack Up to Books” by David Gelernter dazzles me with lots of information about the computer world “damaged” education back in 1944. According the author, multimedia is a combination of text, picture and should making students do less book-reading activities. Grammar-correcting software decreases the student’s ability to spell words. The fact that David Gelernter was a computer science professor at Yale University also strengthens the article’s credibility. However, the way computer effect society has changed during the last 20 years. In today’s educational environment, technology is more about helping students learn than degrading them.
First of all, smart devices are one of the latest and useful technologies that aid students in their learning’s convenience. Smart devices such as cell phones and tablets can assist student in learning by creating a quicker way to learn the material. For example, I can easily use my smart phone to download a dictionary app and use it daily. It is much faster and easier to use than carry a big dictionary book around the campus. I understand that using the book dictionary will give me some benefit like give me a long-term memory about the word that I research, but the convenience of the online dictionary is much more powerful. With the internet on, I can use my dictionary app to find the picture that show the meaning of the word, find synonym and antonym words with one click, and the app help me know how to say the word properly because they have a function that can speak out the word or even a sentence. With smart devices, students can easily interact with learning materials and experience a more convenient environment along the way. Therefore, students should use ...

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...asily. Furthermore, students should use helpful websites with smart devices to support students gain knowledge. Instead of buying expensive books at a store, many students use their laptop or tablets to read books, newspapers, or articles about the topic that they study in classes to help them know more about what they learn. It is important for a student to know how to use technology in today learning environment because is a powerful tool to help students saving time, money and gain comprehension.
I believe in technology because it had proved itself by many ways for the past 20 years. People now need technology as a tool to achieve greater level of almost anything. Not excepting education, instructor now need to know and use technology to help students understand lesson better, and students need technology to help them study and get to their educational goal.