Technology in Education

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The effects of internet and information technology on higher education have created significant of reaching change in the way how university delivers teaching. It has become a very crucial part of our learning. We can also get any kind of material related to subject as well as learning new words and meanings. Nowadays our learning is incomplete without internet and information technology. Technology plays a very important role in all stages of education today. Technology has made learning more exciting and entertaining. These days everyone needs to be able to understand and use a laptop. Nearly every profession requires the use of some form of technology. For that reason a teacher should be using and teaching technology in each class and each subject. A lot of year’s education has been delivered in classroom worldwide but there has been a change to the predictable system of classroom learning with the improvements in technology. Technology is a massive step for the education of nowadays student. Internet is a huge source of material of all kind and it can be beneficial for us i...

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