Technology and the Future of State University

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Technology and the Future of State University

In the future, State University will be tremendously affected by technology. Through computers, State University's technology will expand. Every student will own a laptop. There will also be a finger print security system installed, and an honor code will be enforced. Finally, the sports facilities and buildings at State University will be redesigned so that they will be state of the art buildings.

We live in a world of electronic writing. In the future, every student enrolled at State University will have to purchase a laptop computer. With this new program, teachers will have to have more education to teach these classes and students will benefit from this better education. The Internet will be available to all students in every classroom. I am already being trained to be knowledgeable of computers. Luckily, this will help me for job interviews. Many classes will not meet in the classroom but rather online in the comfort of each student’s own dorm room. This self-teaching method of the future will interest many high schoolers and cause many positive decisions pertaining to whether or not they will attend college.

Birkerts states, “The fate of the book must be considered side by side with the fate of the electronic chip and screen based technologies”(p.479). Just as he explains, through increases in technology, students will all have access to computerized testing, and this luxury will be more convenient for both teachers and students. Teachers will be able to post tests and daily assignments over the Internet. This will be another luxury for students in the future. These availabilities will allow for grades to be posted via email daily, and this will encourage students to navigate the Internet. Obviously, the promptness of this advancement will benefit the test takers. Getting scores back from taken tests soon after they are checked and graded by the computerized system will enhance each student’s learning experience. This new grading system will not only give the students their grade, but also will list the incorrect answers that each student chose along with the correct answer. The accurateness of the grading system dealing with information pertaining to correct and incorrect answers will also benefit the student while he or she prepares for the cumulative exam. Needless to say, the fate of the book and paper copy tests is slowly diminishing.