Technology and its Negative Effect on Society

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Mom turns on the television and sets the table, dad comes home from work, checks his personal digital assistant for an email he’s been waiting on, while his daughter sits at the table finishing up a “thumb lashing” on her cell phone that she is giving to her “BFF” because she just failed her history test. This scenario has become the norm in homes across America today. It’s the digital age, technology is booming at such a rapid pace we cannot even wear out our devices before the newer up-to-date models arrive. Technology has negative effects on society, because it is causing our critical thinking and social interaction skills to decline, it is disrupting the American family unit, and it has caused us to become a distracted society that is constantly disrupted from our priorities. Firstly technology is causing a decline in our critical thinking and social interaction skills. Once, in a time of pre-internet and before cell phones were the norm, people met face to face and communicated as such. People used facial expressions as cues to understand a verbally spoken message. Body language helped make the person sending the message aware if the message was understood properly. With most technology, the verbal cues and body language are non-existent. Messages are relayed in hopes that it will be understood. Emotions and moods in conversation cannot be replaced or conveyed with an emoticon. The invention of the internet, cell phones, instant messaging, chat rooms, email, and social networking sites have made communication a non-personal task. With this in mind communication has now become less of an exchange of intellectual ideas, or opinions, but more of a non-personal way to pass information that is at many times not well thought out.... ... middle of paper ... ...ydney Jones. "Networked Workers." 24 Sep 2008. Pew Internet & American Life Project. 14 Apr 2011 . Rideout, Victoria, Roberts F Donald and Ulla G Foehr. "The Kaiser Family Foundation." Mar 2005. Generation M Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year-olds. 20 April 2011 . UCLA. Is Technology Producing A Decline In Critical Thinking And Analysis? 19 Jan 2009. 14 Apr 2011 . USC Annenberg School Center for the Digital Future. 21 Jun 2010. 28 Apr 2011 .
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