Technology and Sex

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Technology and Sex

Two years ago the word sexting did not exist. The combination of the words “sex” and “text” is now a term that is heavily discussed and causes issues for parents, students, educators, and law enforcement. Although there is no legal definition of sexting, it generally refers to writing sexually explicit messages, taking sexually explicit photos of themselves or others in their peer group and technologically transmitting those photos and/or messages to their peers. Now many people don’t know the problems associated with sexting. Most of these problems occur when one or all parties are minors. When a minor is involved there can be serious consequences that can follow a person for a life time.

I interviewed Donna Weinstein about the combination of technology and sex. Donna Weinstein, Ph.D. is a case worker for South Lyon Area Youth Assistance. She works with the State of Michigan Circuit Court – Family Division, in the Oakland County. She helped shed some light on this serious matter.

A juvenile conviction starting from a case of sexting can have serious consequences which includes registering as a sex offender. “Justice is blind” Donna stated, just because these young people may think it isn’t big deal and they argue that it’s their body that they are sending pictures of, they can have a felony charge against them. Many states are trying to introduce sexting laws which instead of a possibility of adult child pornography charges that may lead to sex offender registry, they have a less life challenging consequence. In Michigan, if caught sexting and there is a party under the age of 18 and it is brought to the attention of the authorities, charges can include and are not limited to, (MCL 750.145c) the act of c...

... middle of paper ..., there is much advancement in medicine and helping others, but when technology gets mixed up with young teens, and sex it has created a problem.

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