Technology and American Technology

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Technology is a whole different world then what we know as human beings. The world changes to the new technology that comes out for use to use. These invent helps us do our job easier to do, and to make our work be more fence. All these wonderful technology we use today did not all come about at once. They slowly came about. Most of the technology we have to day came around in 1865 to the 1930. Between the years of 1865 to 1869, two invent came around. They were the web offset printing, and barbed wire. Web offset printing came out first. William Bullock introduced the printing press. Printing press is the first printer that print on both side of the paper. Philadelphia Ledger was the first company to use the web offset printing system. Allowing people to produce more newspaper, and books in on time setting. Then in 1867, the barbed wire came around. Inverter who made the barbed wire is Lucien B. Smith. The wire was made in the companies called the Ellwood, and the Glidden Steel Barb Wire. Barb wire helps to in close down the open cattle. Making it easier for the rancher to keep track of their cattle, and to put the cattle they gather on their ride on the open fields. Now, for the 1870 period. There are seven inventions that came around. Two of these invention came out it the year of 1875. The first one that came out in the 1870 decade is the pneumatic subway. Pneumatic subway came about around when Boss Tweed was trying to get around the city. So, one of his followers Alfred Ely Beach built the pneumatic subway. Subway ran under the Broadway, New York. Plus, it was a single subway car; therefore, the car only wen 300 foot. This, invented help to create all the major subway that we have today in New York. Helping to lim... ... middle of paper ... ...casting the image of a dollar sign. With having investor. Farnsworth went to get a patent, but the ongoing battle with RCA had prevent him from his earning his share of the invention All of these technology help create American, and shape the world we live in. This invention was made from 1865 to 1930s. Allowing us to stay comfortable with air conditions, letting us communicate with each other, to helping us not to work hard, and to occupying our free time. Today, we still use the telephone, the television, and the razor. While, we are still making new inventions. American technology greatly shape our economy. By, give us different things to spend our money one to keep our money world moving along like its post to. American economy will always be shape by our technology that was built in the past and future. That’s the miracle of being an American.
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