Technology VS Reality

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Technology has been advanced tremendously; it first started from inventing things such as radios, televisions, telephones, and computers. Today everyone uses all these electronics, and everyone has all this electronics. When you are at work you see people using their smartphones or looking at the internet in their computers, or at home watching TV, or playing video games, and everyone are so engrossed in what they are doing in their electronics. In the past not everyone had a TV, computer, phone, or maybe not a radio- most people in the past would probably have a radio because before TVs were invented, the radio was used to entrained people. They had to listen to stories that were like a TV show. My point is that in the past you would see children playing outside, and families communicating, and no one would be in their electronics at all. Today technology has made it so easy to take it with everywhere you go, for example smartphones are now use as a iPod or a small little TV you can care with you, or you can look up directions to get to point A to point B, and it can even charge a credit card with it’s called a Square Credit Card Reader. You can do anything with just a small little devise, and it’s the perfect size to have with you at all times. The internet as well, it is faster and less complicated to use. Getting ahold of the internet it easier today than in the past, today we can look up about anything and the internet would give us answers, for example a cooking recipe, or history about a famous person, we can do research, look up places or other countries, etc. Even though, technology has us so engross it is not an excuse for our absence in reality.
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... to know what you do or what is going on with your life, but you feel like sharing. After he realized that the internet was keeping him away from reality, in how he was missing out with his friends, and joining in parties, and actually having fun.
At some point we all have to see if technology keeps us from living reality or it does not. Paul Miller realized that the internet was not what affected him as a person, and Baratunde Thurston realized that internet did affected him as a person. Everyone is different, and for some us technology does affect us, for others it does not. People tend to blame technology for their conflicts, but no matter what technology is always going to be around. Technology is an excuse to blame because people do not want to admit that the problem is them. When someone starts to realize who is to blame than that is when everything changes.

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