Technology: The Negative Effects Of Technology On Children

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Admittedly technology has advanced throughout the years and there is no way for one to avoid it. It has become more and more of a necessity in people’s lives and the majority of people have a smartphone and cannot live without it. People who have lived in the 1990s have lived in the era where sending out letters was the main way of communication, but now it only takes a few presses of a button for someone to get your message instantly. Not everyone will understand the struggle and the process of sending out letters and in the far future will letters even exist? Nowadays, the only reason for one to send out letters or anything for that matter would be for delivering packages or to communicate with someone that does not use technology. Getting…show more content…
However, the method of communicating now can be considered to be less personal. So to answer the question at hand, in what ways have children’s lives been transformed by new technology, is quite complex. Children that are born now are born in areas where there is technology everywhere. Children’s lives have been/ can be transformed into the better but also undoubtedly into the worse. I will be examining the effects of technology on children by discussing how the way of play has changed and how it can have a good and a bad effect, how the way of speaking has changed and the effect it has on children’s behavior. I will be discussing more about the downsides that technology has on children, from health issues to cyber…show more content…
In today’s day and age, having a smartphone is an essential need; one in every five people in the world owns a smartphone (Heggestuen, 2013). People take out their phones in any situation and causes and lack of face-to-face contact. That is the problem, children’s lives are being transformed and are raised in a generation where communicating via a social network is the social norm. And this dependency has lead to children maturing faster compared to other generations (Hoollaston, 2014). Even games for babies have started to be surrounded my technology. There are many toys that include a place to insert an iPhone or iPad, so from the first year the baby is born, they are already introduced to technology. They do not get to experience life without a screen, unless the parent decides to. Children’s way of play these days is consisted of watching something on a screen and playing games on a tablet of some kind. Children spend more time inside than going outdoors at the playground and get mud on them and getting bruised. Before, children did not have anything else but to go outside on the playground and play tag, riding bikes and having imaginary friends (Rowan, 2013). They do not get to exercise the real life of being a child; technology is limiting their creativity and imagination. However, using the technology might end up being the way it is to be a

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