Technology, The Meaning And Symbology Of Barcode Technology

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Barcode Technology
Symbology is the technology that barcode works. Symbology defines what barcodes, and determines the mapping and interpretation of the encoded information or data. The way that information and data encoded in this symbology technology, allows the scanning device to know when a digit or character starts and when it stops, similar to a binary representation. In its interface, barcode is an array of parallel lines alternating between white and black lines. Using this Barcode technology, it provide a simple and inexpensive method of recording data or information in a number of applications.
In the barcode technology, the symbologies can be arranged or mapped in a variety of ways. Normally symbology is marked by the characters
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In these barcodes, there are more complex codes that that use of dot matrixes to achieve a more complex encoding process that can store and identify information. Most of the times these complex codes are using in 2D barcodes, which known as QR codes.
Barcode Reader
Barcode reader is an electronic device that can read output printed barcodes to a computer. Barcode readers contain decoder circuitry analysing the barcode images that data provided by the sensor and sending the barcode content to the scanners output port.
A barcode reader picks up the alternating black and white elements of the barcode, which follow a specific algorithm that is turned in to a corresponding text string by two scanner.
 Pen type
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The processor locates the three distinctive squares at the corners of the QR code image, using a smaller square (or multiple squares) near the fourth corner to normalize the image for size, orientation, and angle of viewing. The small dots throughout the QR code are then converted to binary numbers and validated with an error-correcting algorithm.
The amount of data that can be stored in the QR code symbol depends on the datatype and error correction level. The maximum storage capacities occur for 40-L symbols.

The format information records two things: the error correction level and the mask pattern used for the symbol. Masking is used to break up patterns in the data area that might confuse a scanner, such as large blank areas or misleading features that look like the locator marks. The mask patterns are defined on a grid that is repeated as necessary to cover the whole symbol. Modules corresponding to the dark areas of the mask are inverted. The format information is protected from errors with a BCH code, and two complete copies are included in each QR symbol.
The message dataset is placed from right to left in a zigzag pattern, as shown below. In larger symbols, this is complicated by the presence of the alignment patterns and the use of multiple interleaved error-correction blocks.

Meaning of format

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