Technology: Steve Jobs

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Technology is at the core of today’s society with every new development of recognized companies gaining the attention of millions worldwide. Such is the fate of Apple Inc., whose introduction of the iPhone revolutionized the mobile market. Since its first appearance in 2007, the iPhone has “set the bar for design and usability” (n.d., 2013). From its beginnings, the smartphone market has evolved at such an unbelievable rate. The iPhone’s history and technology, and its effects in the industry molded its success despite strong competition.
The iPhone came about at Apple Inc. under the lead of Steve Jobs. After the successful reception of their iPod, many customers asked the company to incorporate the iPod with phone capabilities in order to not carry two devices. Jobs was intrigued with the proposition and put together a team to work on “Project Purple” which would create the acclaimed iPhone (Manjoo, 2012). Throughout the years, Apple has integrated different tools to enhance the user’s experience. The iPhone now has six models: The Original (2GS), 3G, 3 S, 4, 4S, and 5 (n.d., 2013). The first model delivered the combination of iPod and phone capabilities the company’s users desired. The second was sold with the AT&T cellular network and included the App Store, which allowed users to make their own content for the phone (n.d., 2013). The third generation “came with a 3-megapixel digital camera and video recording capabilities. It was upgraded with more storage, a faster processor and double the system memory to allow the phone to manage more of everything at the same time” (n.d., 2013). The fourth model had a front camera because of the FaceTime app it introduced (n.d., 2013). The fifth saw the creation of Siri, “an innovative fea...

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...lting in the smartphone revolution.


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