Technology Mudslide Hypothesis Essay

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Technology Mudslide Hypothesis :
This term was first introduced by Clayton M. Christensen in 1995, to discuss the phenomenon that emerges and might result in large firm’s failure as the result of technological innovations. Two concepts of disruptive and sustaining innovation was developed to explain two main categories of innovation. Sustaining technology or innovation refers to an innovation that does not create a new market or value and only improves the existing technology allowing the firms to compete against each other’s sustaining innovations. For example, introduction of Iphone 6 in the market did not create a new market segment and it was only an improvement to the existing product in the market. On the other hand, disruptive technology refers to the one that creates a new market and value. For example, back in the day when cars were considered luxury goods only a percentage of people were able to afford it but introduction of cheap cars disrupted the market and allowed others to enter the car market. Also, introduction of cellular phones disrupted the market for fixed line telephones . Technology mudslide hypothesis says if firms fail to constantly strive to keep up technologically with other business they will slide down the hill just like trying to climb a mudslide raging down the hill and you stop for one second to catch a breath. Christensen tests his hypothesis on different markets and innovations
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Haddad . Haddad talks about a strategic partnership that needs to be formed between management and employee throughout the technological change process, in order for the change to be successful. The author presents an integrative framework for implementing the change and explains the technological adoption life cycle with various steps that must be taken in order for the change to be successful. The six steps in the life cycle are as follow

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