Technology In The Entertainment Industry: The Media And Entertainment Industry

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Media and Entertainment Industry

The media and entertainment industry is one of the blooming industries and captures a wide variety of companies which provide both services and products to its customers. It includes a segmentation of the companies on the basis of the form or type of entertainment that they provide. The segments include traditional print media, television, radio broadcasting, film entertainment, video games, advertising and the manufacturers of the technology that the above segments rely on. The emergence of new technology in the field of entertainment has led to a change in the way the consumers prefer to consume media and created many new segments and platforms.

Television Industry

Television is the predominant
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It reached the size of INR 918 billion by 2013. The Gaming and Digital advertising industry grew very strongly among the various sectors. The industry benefitted a lot from the digitisation of the media and the digital network providers found a strong foothold in the industry. The projected growth of the Digital Advertising is the highest estimated to be 27.7% by 2018. The Radio, TV and Gaming industries also show good prospects.


There are few other companies which stand to Dish Tv including Zee Entertain, Sun Tv, DB Corp, Tv18 broadcast, Hathway cables and HT media. Amongst these Dish Tv stands fourth in terms of market capitalisation. Zee Entertain leads the pack.
Zee Entertain has the highest market share of 31,328.47 cr followed by Sun Tv and DB Corp. Dish Tv comes at fourth position with a market share of 5,732.04 cr. Given below are the market shares of top five companies of the entertainment industry.

Having the highest market share, Zee Entertain is also the highest profit earner of the industry with a profit of 772.33 cr in year 2013. Sun Tv is the next higher profit earner.

Company Name Market Share (Rs. Cr.)
Zee Entertain 30,709.27
SUN TV Network 12,691.50
DB Corp 6,436.96
Dish TV 5,886.82
TV18 Broadcast
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The Indian DTH has overtaken the japanese industry to become the biggest DTH industry in Asia. This has given the Indian industry some power to bargain but the availability of transponders is scarce which places the transponder provider Astrix, commercial wing of the ISRO in a better position. And the DTH providers are affected negatively because of this.

Buyer Power

The consumers of the entertainment industry have many options available i.e. DTH, cable tv or terrestrial tv. They are the choosers and this gives them a higher bargaining power. The DTH industry needs to keep on differentiating itself and offering lucrative offers and services to attract consumers towards itself.

Substitute for DTH

The DTH industry faces the competition from cable tv and terrestrial tv.DTH serves 16 million users in India.

Terrestrial Tv
Doordarshan is the largest broadcaster in the world. It covers over 88% geographic area of India. It has partnered with BBC resources to offer digital terrestrial

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