Technology In The Digital Age Essay

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I. Opening Statement (2 points) Big Question: Is the use of technology in the Digital Age beneficial or detrimental to the overall learning experience of students? Thesis statement:

With the growing usage of technology seen in today’s students, the integration of physical and digital technology, online learning and social media in the classroom create a collaborative and user friendly environment; for students to share, learn, communicate and grow together.

II. What I Learned (6 points) Student One: Kyle

Small Question: Is the use of social media in the classroom beneficial or a distraction?
Social media has a negative stigma in classrooms and often for good reason. Social media use is rampant amongst students today.
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Many students and teachers are now using devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops throughout the classroom to enhance the overall learning experience.

*Supporting point: Students today have grown up with technology, so they can adapt to such learning environments more efficiently. Students can use these devices by incorporating many of the programs and software into their work throughout the classroom, which allows for endless opportunities for both students and teachers. By exhibiting a variety of learning styles, technology intrigues the learner to embrace education, even when the topic they may be learning is boring to them. By using these programs, it will allow students to participate more throughout the classroom.

*Supporting point: Students can use these devices to meet classroom needs, which can help organize and prepare the student for certain assignments and tests. By using a learning tool that more students are comfortable using, it will provide a better overall learning
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Teachers should be made aware of the significance that technology can have on their students. Attending sessions and seminars on how to better use all aspects of technology and implement them in their classrooms.

Student Four: Andy
Small Question: Is the Use of Online Classrooms Effective?

There is an increase in demand for online classes from students so it’s important to accommodate students but there should be a balance between the online and traditional to maximize the effectiveness of both.

*Supporting point: Students are working and going to school at the same time so having a different class schedule every semester will make it harder for their employer to accommodate them. They need and prefer increased flexibility especially when the employer is hesitant to give them this.

*Supporting point: Detractors will say that online classes will hinder the level of education received but research says both methods are just as effective it depends on the student taking the course. Students are responsible enough to determine if they can succeed in an online
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