Technology In Education

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Today’s classroom is very different from that of several decades ago. It has been enhanced and it is very technologically advanced. Many years ago there never used to as many technologies available to teachers than there are today. Technology has been progressing and changing to help teachers be more efficient and effective in the classroom. With resources like the ones that teachers posses in this day and age it is truly making the classroom environment ten times easier than it was before. The National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) are a helping hand to the support and facilitation of technology in the classrooms. (Hayman, 2011). They are globally accepted standards for learning and teaching of the digital age. Even though there are many challenges, involving technology into education, still there are benefits that help educators, and especially when it comes to personalized learning and individualizing of the students work. For technology to be effective in the future it needs to be implemented on a student at a very young age; then their brain can get a good grasp of it ...

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