Technology In A Totalitarian Society In Brave New World And 1984

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Technology in a Totalitarian Society. In Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley and 1984 written by George Orwell the dystopian societies depend on technology to create a totalitarian society. Brave New World is a sequel to 1984, because Brave New World is an established dystopian society which uses technology in a much more pleasureable way, whereas in 1984 the technology is used in a much more aggressive manner. The technology used in both novels aids both governments in creating a totalitarian society, technology helps the government take control over all citizens, influence all of the peoples actions, and determine the people’s emotions. In 1984 technology inflicts fear and pain, whereas Brave New World promotes happiness and pleasure.…show more content…
Brave New World seems to be more advance in its practices, because it manages to keep the people in a happy brainwashed state rather than a fearful state as seen in 1984. Most of the technology seen in 1984 was through the telescreens which allowed for Big Brother to be all knowing as well as influencing all actions of the people. Brave New World has a greater emergence of technology due to the advancements in science, this allows the World State to be in control of the people before birth. The government in Brave New World conditions people to do the actions which the World State demands. Although Brave New World and 1984 show great similarity, they differ in their fear vs. pleasure practices, as well as Brave New Worlds advancement in technology compared to 1984.

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