Technology: Importance in the Organization

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Organizations can boost efficiency and increase profits by understanding their technology structure, by understanding the advantages technology can have within the organization, and by developing a plan to stay abreast with technology.
Considering the subject matter to be discussed, it is appropriate to begin with a definition of technology. According to Scott Klososky, technology refers to "all software applications and all computing devices, including PCs, mobile devices, servers, networking gear, and anything having to do with the Internet - basically anything that can be used to get work done in an office environment" (Velocity Manifesto 10). An office environment would not only include the traditional settings of cubicles and office space, but also non-traditional environments, such as those used by telecommuters. The term telecommuting refers to “a work arrangement in which employees do not commute to a central place of work.” (Wikipedia).
Every business leader, whether it be a business owner, organizational officer, or business management, should have a complete and basic understanding about the way their technology is structured within the organization. An astigmatism that has traditionally been placed on information technology (IT) by many businesses and organizations is that IT is nothing but a cost center or a “necessary evil”. This way of thinking stems from a lack of understanding of technology and the many benefits it can provide. Benefits that include more efficient employees and higher profits by providing a competitive edge. Klososky points out that most business leaders would not run their business without knowing about other business operations, such as, accounting, so why would they want to remain oblivious to ...

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