Technology Implementation

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Technology Implementation

Technology can have a profound effect on a company. The manner in which it is introduced and the presentation to the employees can ultimately predict the success of the project. As the world evolves into a more technical society companies have to be willing to compete with the changes in order to survive. The changes have to be implemented and managed to effectively prepare the company’s workforce. Management has to know the trends and make the necessary technology changes to keep the company competitive. Preparation and planning is key to the implementation of new technology. Managers have to be in tune with how the changes will affect the atmosphere within the company. Providing training and paying attention to the feedback from the workforce allows for a smooth transition. For a successful transformation certain criteria have to be met for the transition of change to the new technology. Organizations that want successful transition have to give management the ability to make recommendations to ensure the success of implementation, which are the necessity for change, the preparation of non-technological staff, and the effect the changes will have throughout the organization.

When implementing new technology managers have to make recommendation on changes that will be beneficial for the organization. The need for new technology has to be assessed and planned to understand the need of the departments in which the changes will affect. Whether the technology will be innovative or used to streamline the work process managers have to look at the overall picture and the effect on each department. For example, when a company implemented a new technology that allowed their entire workforce access to the com...

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...the new technology for the change to be acceptable for the organization.

Changes in organization have to be constant in order for the company to remain competitive in the market. Managers have to be instrumental in the transition for change for the successful implementation. The recommendations that managers make ensure the success of the new technology. For the success of the implementation of new technologies managers make recommendations that necessity for the change, prepare the non-technical staff and try to overcome resistance to change within the corporate culture in an attempt to transition the changes that will make the organization competitive in today’s market.


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