Technology Implementation

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Technology Implementation Century 21 is a very popular real estate corporation with over 8,000 independently owned and operated broker offices located in more than 45 countries (Century 21, 2007). Using the Century 21 website it is easy to view photos and details about property that is for sale. Each property has an assigned realtor who is easily accessible by clicking on a button directly next to the photos that says, "Contact Agent." A property seeker is able to get the agent's office number or can send an e-mail stating the reason why he or she is trying interested in contacting the agent. Century 21's current technologies with the use of Internet advertising and customer support are very helpful for customers and agents. However, because of the necessary communications required between an agent and his or her client, new technology should be implemented in order to better serve clients as well as increase convenience for clients and agents alike. This new technology is offered by helloWorld; a service providing Video Mail, Live Broadcasting and Video Blogging. helloWorld was created to add a sense of personalization to e-mails and blogs. Most people use text to communicate in e-mail, but helloWorld offers a more personal approach; using video. For RE/MAX realtor Kimberlee Hawk, the new helloWorld technology turned one sale into three sales (Florida Realtor Magazine, 2007). A helloWorld customer can, with the use of a webcam, make a video of him or herself and insert the video into an e-mail to send to others.
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