Technology Has Made An Essential Part Of People 's Life

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There is hardly an item in the technological advancement of the recent years that is unequivocally good or bad. Each kind of mass-market technology which entered became an essential part of people 's lives during the last couple of decades had its amazing advantages and pitiful drawbacks. Technology has made people 's huoses more comfortable, businesses more prominent, learning more efficient, and entertainment more colorful. However, along with the positive changes, one should consider the common pitfalls of extensive use of technology. This truth especially concerns the use of the Internet and social networking websites. In the recent years, the Internet has not only become a part of most people 's life that they find hard to part with, but infiltrated all the spheres of human activity – sometimes for better, but very often for worse. Taken away by the glittering images and gorgeous fonts, many people are simply not aware of the slow, but profound changes which media technology introduces to their bodies and their ways of living. It seems, however, that older people, unlike children and teenagers, are less susceptible to the deep-seated impact of technology. The change in attention span is one of such impacts. It is argues that the constant use of the Internet and social networking websites has substantially shortened young people 's attention span and thus led to hampering of their ability to learn efficiently. One might immediately start inveighing against the reign of on-line culture and promulgate the return to good old paper books and phubbing-free friendly hang-outs. Such an approach, however, will not be either constructive or objective. The question “What positive things did the Internet bring to your life?” will very ... ... middle of paper ... ...ersistent screaming five-year-olds with a tablet or a phone just to make a quiet minute for themselves, but they might fail to see that it is getting harder and harder to keep them focused and calm. Younger parents might also be unable to recognize the problem of the short attention span because many of them are likely to be victims of the same plight as a result of the habits they developed during their teenage years. Having mapped the scope of the problem, it is high time to consider the possible ways of solving it. That is easier said than done, however. It would be far from constructive and executable to suggest banning the use of the Internet for minors, for instance. This is one of those cases where restriction of any kind is far from being the best remedy. However, raising awareness and relying on each individual 's personal integrity might eventually help.

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