Technology Has Exceeded Our Humanity

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Albert Einstein once said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” This quote is fully representative of society today. It has distracted us from..... One second my best friend just texted me… Ok what was I saying?.. Oh right; It has distracted us from our studies, our loved ones, and even our driving. Technology is making us less intelligent, oblivious to our surroundings, and antisocial. Technology is everywhere from the cell phone in your pocket, to the lights in your house. It has consumed our time and money and is a part of our daily lives. Honestly, can you tell me that you do not have technology? This includes cell phones, laptops, and tablets. My guess is that your cell phone is in your pocket right now. In your pocket, is a little device with a large amount of data stored into it. With your phone you have access to millions of websites for information and entertainment. Because we have access to this information, we have become dependant on our technology. Instead of pen and paper we use calculators to solve math equations. Sometimes, I catch myself typing in simple equations like 56+2. If people would think before they act, they would know that the answer is 58, but instead they just typed in numbers and simply pressed a button because it was easier than thinking for themselves. Technology creates easy access to everyday actions. For example, most people would prefer typing a paper rather than writing one. Not to mention, when teens are typing to each other they use “text language.” For example, "Haha omg ur so funny", has become an accepted way to communicate in today 's society. It is completely normal to see numbers and shortened words in messages on... ... middle of paper ... ...s to take classes online. Online classes are sometimes easier, for some, to attend than a physical school. These classes are usually more flexible with schedules and have people take classes at their own pace. By taking classes online you have the opportunity to attend more classes than you would at your public school. People who live in small towns do not have the more specific classes offered to them, but have access to them today because of modern technology. The use of modern technology on a daily basis can be both beneficial and detrimental. It is detrimental because of the divide it makes between the older generation and the people of today’s generation. Change is not always a bad thing though. Education has excelled tremendously by having technolgy present. Technology should be used for only educational purposes. We can survive without social media.

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