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Futuristic Memory Glasses

Mr. LeHue was being his normal self, babbling on and on about some futuristic television glasses that, in my opinion, would never actually be invented. He was talking about how people who suffer from memory loss would be impacted greatly if these glasses actually worked. I began to drift out of the class and into my own little world where I tried hard to remember all the little errands I had to run and the other miscellaneous chores I had to do that day.

"So these glasses have a digital screen that flashes an image at 1/100 of a second, just enough for your eye to capture the image and relay it to your brain. This, in turn, jogs your memory and you recollect the next objective in your schedule." The professor was talking but I was barely listening.

The more I thought, the more I realized that I was definitely forgetting something. I had never considered myself to have any type of memory loss, but now that Mr. LeHue was talking about it, I realized that it could very well be true. I became very upset, but no matter how hard I strained my memory, I just couldn't remember. I knew I had to go to the store after school, go to the bank and after basketball practice, pick up my sisters from piano lessons. I knew there was one other thing I could not remember, but what was it? If those glasses really did exist there would not be a problem remembering anything. I unconsciously tuned out the lecture and thought more about my distressing problem.

"The PDF can be programmed daily to your schedule. So, at a programmed time before your appointment, the object will flash and you will remember. For example, if your mom has to pick your brother up from soccer practice, a soccer ball can be programmed to flash about a half hour." This I barely heard before slipping entirety into a daydream.

I lay there on my bed waiting for the irritating beep of my alarm, signaling the official beginning of the day. I quickly shut it off and stumbled to the light switch. Rubbing my eyes, I found my glasses and made my way to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth and hair. I quickly threw on some clothes and ran out to warm up my car before driving to school.

"Don't forget to pick up dog food and cash your check after school!" my mom shouted after me.
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