Technology Drives Design

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Technology Drives Design


During this assignment I will cover 3 Main research tools and methodologies for researching the topic of what drives design. I will look at other people’s opinions through a survey, a literature review on articles, and a case study on a Different Approach to design; this will allow me to see the different opinions that arise when talking about what drives design. Especially when discussing different disciplines of design.


1: A survey on what drives design. I have visited a local collage class who are currently studying 3D design in there 1st year.
2: A literature Review, looking at 4 articles with a different approach to what drives design.
3: A case study that is based on a new and unique approach to Design.


For my first methodology I visited a local college and ask a First year 3D Design class what they thought drives design. The survey was anonymous and the only personal information requested was gender. I observed that there was a large Variation in the age group being surveyed, ranging between 16-55yrs+.
With the Information I gathered you could see there wasn’t a huge difference in answers to the question ‘what drives design’. The results of the survey are displayed in the pie chart below. All subjects gave more that one answer. And all but 1 said that consumerism is the main drive to design. They also brought to light something that the other two methodologies hadn’t considered, which is cost. Cost plays crucial role in pushing design to change and encourage consumers to purchase new or upgraded product.
The survey results showed that the Group of students thought that in design form was more important to drivin...

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...the answer to what drives Design in this case Consumerism.


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