Technology Drastically Improves Education

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Internet in Schools
Do computers help make a student’s education better? Schools that have internet have students that want to learn. Back then internet did not exist, now that times have changed computers have become so popular and students cannot learn without it. Although some parents cannot afford to buy their children a computer, schools have stepped up to make sure their students have access to the internet. Technology in education is beneficial for a student to have because their education will improve dramatically.
First, having computers in a classroom that are available for students to use is important. Laptops in a classroom help make a student’s education improve and are beneficial. Computers should be mandatory for a school to have in the classroom. The author’s Evinger and Cook explain that having a computer in the hands of every student and the means of linking to the internet makes it possible for teachers to take full advantage of the resources of the internet to enrich education (Point: Laptops Are…). If a student can go on the internet than it will benefit both the students and the teachers, they are able to have multiple resources. In order to enrich learning schools are making sure that their students have access to the internet.
In order for a student to have a great education for the future they need some type of internet access. Schools giving their students a laptop will make their learning easier. The author’s Evinger and Cook state that giving children laptop computers is a goal that many educators are pursuing (Point: Laptops Are…). Computers are very important because schools are making sure that their students will have a computer to go on during school hours. Laptops make learning easier because st...

... middle of paper ... students who explore online learning options have a legitimate reason for preferring distance learning over the traditional college experience” (Chittom). Many students benefit from online schooling because of their personal reasons. Finally, a computer connected to the internet is very important for students who are in school to have access to.
In conclusion, the internet should be a part of a student’s education because their knowledge will improve drastically. Laptops can make a student’s education improve. Although computers can be expensive they are much more advanced than a textbook. Having the internet available for students to use will make their education mature. Lastly, computers will not just help the student, they can make a teacher’s job easier. Schools should provide a computer for each student because they are such an important tool to learning.
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