Technology Company: The Evolution Of The Microsoft Company

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Microsoft Company is a multinational technology company based and headquartered in Redmond Washington. It was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in the year 1975. Its current CEO is Satya Nadella. It is among the leading companies in developing computer softwares, licencing of computer softwares, manufacturing computers together with lately manufacturing of smartphones. It also provides gaming consoles such as the Xbox. Its range of smartphones include Lumia and non- Lumia phones. However, Microsoft plays a vital role in providing information technology solutions besides proving enterprise softwares for businesses.
The company has established different operations functions and departments which facilitate proper customer outreach and necessary
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All these make up the Microsoft operations framework. It was developed from the evolution of the Microsoft solutions framework, together with building on top of the ITIL’s best practices for the structure of the organization structure and ownership of processes. This was through modelling sensitive factors of success which are used by partners and prospective customers. It offers guidelines and rules for IT service management basing on sets of consistent quality goals and objectives. These range from large corporate IT departments way down to smaller growing e-businesses and data centers. The Microsoft operations framework (MOF) has provides different described roles such…show more content…
It involves maximizing use of existing resources and understanding cots of components of running and maintenance of systems. It must also identify existing resources and tracking them at a detailed level. Risk assessment, planning for change and best decision making processes calls for well documented processes in addition to documentation of previous changes. As such it promote learning of collective IT operations experience that adds up to internal knowledge of the competencies and cost of running the corporate business. This comes in handy during the process of building on the experiences of distributed and virtual teams. They also maintain an accurate configuration management database enabling consistent tracking of the inventory and controlling
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