'Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say' By Matt Richtel

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In the article “Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say” by Matt Richtel is about how some teachers think that new technology is making it harder for students to be focused. They found that “ages 8 to 18 has grown so fast that on average spend twice as much time with screens each year as they spend in school”. When thinking about that statement it sounds bad but I also know that I for one do a lot of my homework online with a screen so it’s hard to say how much time I waste reading and watching pointless things on the internet but I also need the screen to be where I am today. Other sources have said that “the education system must adjust to better accommodate the way students learn”. Personally, I think this has already been started, not all teachers but most in my school today try to incorporate technology with a lot of tasks and homework. We even have practice quizzes that are online. Another point brought up in the article was that “75 percent of 2,462 teachers surveyed said that the…show more content…
She states that we are letting technology take us places we do not want to go and that our cell phones are not only changing what we do but who we are. She thinks that we are setting ourselves up for trouble with how we relate to others and ourselves. Because of technology she thinks that our communication skills have gotten terrible and us as humans are beginning to get used to being alone but also “alone together” because of our phones allowing to connect with others while still being alone. Turkle is also worried that siri will become more like a best friend while keeping ourselves disconnecting from actual interaction and communication with others. I think I will be able to use some of this video information in my next article because it really shows how we are getting so much closer to our phones and furthering ourselves from each
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