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There are a ton of ways technology can affect us. It can affect people in a negative,or positive way. It can also affect kids while they’re at school, adults while they’re at work, jobs, transportation,weather, and economy. People wake up too technology every morning, sometimes they do not realize what is really going on in their lives. People are always worrying about a cellular device, or television instead of their actual lives. I’m going to tell you all about technology, and how it effects people in both good and bad ways.
First, I’m going to tell you about the negative effects. It causes obesity in both children and dults. Studies show that technology is the main activity people spend their time doing. They really should be worried about their loss of exercise, instead of technology. With a video game, cell phone, television, or a computer in someone’s face, they don’t worry about their health, jobs, or school. Also it impairs their vision. With a bright light in their eyes constantly, it cause their eye strength to weaken. Technology has so many negative effects. I could go on all day about them. Technology too kids seems like the most amazing thing in the world,but the truth is technology is hurting our society . Does anybody realize that? No they don’t because if they did, then they would quit enventing more and more of it each day.
Now, don’t get too worried. There are some positive effects to. For instance I know everybody loves their cellular devices. Well there’s some positivity about that. Cellphones allow people to communicate easier, without having too write a letter and wait for days for it to get to that person. Cellphones have made life a whole lot easier. Also I know everybody loves to watch some television ev...

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...milies in need, and then turn around and use it to buy you a new car, or to buy some expensive clothes and get your hair done, then you are just wrong. I’m sorry, but please do not lie to the people of this world just to get money. If you want money for you, then get a job.
Technology has really changed the world in a ton of ways. Some are ggod ways, and some are bad ways. What all people need to realize though, is that technology isn’t always going to be in their life. One day it is all going to drift away. Technology is not the most important thing in the world. If anything, it has caused more problems than anything. This is easier done than said, but put down the cellphone, get active. Lose those pounds that you gained after you got hooked on technology. Get connected with family more. Bond more with your friends. Get your head in books and off of TECHNOLOGY.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that technology can affect people in a negative, or positive way, as well as kids at school, adults at work, jobs, transportation, weather, and economy.
  • Explains that technology causes obesity in both children and dults. it impairs people's vision, and causes their eyes to weaken.
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