Technology And Social Media On The Classroom

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Dr. Monica Flippin Wynn introduces various forms of technology that can be implemented into the classroom as well as discussing if technology ruins the traditional pedagogy within her PowerPoint presentation titled, Technology and Social Media in the Classroom: A Pedagogical Nightmare. There were a multitude of tools presented by Wynn that sparked my interest, but iTunes University (iTunes-U) and Vine were the two tools that I was most interested in. I am familiar with I-Tunes as it associates with the iPhone and music; however, how this tool could be utilized in the classroom was bewildering. After doing research, I discovered that it is a way that teachers can use their iPads to teach their lessons. According to, iTunes U is a way, “Teachers can create and manage their course and students can experience it all from the iTunes U app on iPad”. Vine being utilized as a teaching tool was puzzling as well. The site/app is used for posting quick, usually comedic, video. How Vine can be utilized as a teaching tool is still confusing. It is possible that the app could be utilized by a teacher to briefly review homework assignments or what was covered in class. It is also a chance that Vine can be used to stay in contact with students outside of the classroom. No matter how the two, iTunes U and Vine are used, they both bridge technology and the classroom together. Instructional videos during class time is yet another electronic source that be used in the traditional class setting. Instructional videos can be utilized as a means to reiterate or introduce new information. Also, some students may be visual learners. Showing a video that thoroughly deconstructs a lesson could assist those students who acquire information visu... ... middle of paper ... ... allows a student to always work well with others despite personal feelings. Improved attention to audience makes for a more contentious student who makes sure that their work is targeted for the right group of people at all times. The two effects put together construct a student who is both easily to work with as well as conscious of her work and audience. Technology is becoming the norm in numerous settings like department stores and large corporations. With the rise of technology, it is imperative that schools and their faculty attempt to stay abreast with popular forms of technology. Tradition will always be at the forefront of many classroom settings, but although the emergence of new technology, it should not be resisted. Instructors should welcome technology wholeheartedly as yet an additional means to prepare the future generations of tomorrow’s leaders.
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