Technology And Gadgets Essay

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The technology and gadgets in business
In business field, employers and employees use a lot of technology and gadgets to help them in their business, such as data management, customer service and financial management. It creates efficiency and convenient for them to further spreading their business to other places in a whole new level. We found out that there are several types of business technology categories that separated in terms of their functions, which are:
1) Business hardware
In business, hardware is essential and its function can be specified in terms of what business tasks are involved with. We can say that computer is the most commonly used gadget in business field, as long as they have software installed in it that can help improving their business. Next to it will be mobile phone, which can install many apps
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Communication in business can be among employers, employees, distributers, customers, and social media. It acts as a bridge for a company to promote their products and reach their business goals. The communication hardware that we are familiar are mobile phones and computers. Internet also plays a big role in business communication because of its limitless boundaries all over the world.

We found out that there are a lot of technology and gadgets that use in business. However, there are some of them that widely used and available for every level of businesses.

1) Personal Computer
In this 21st century, having a personal computer is a necessary in business. This is because a personal computer did help a lot in this field with the software installed in it. Compare to traditional ways, which is paperwork, using computer is far more realistic for a business because it is an “all in one” device. Almost every tasks can be done by using personal computer, such as accounting, communication, and financial management.
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