Technology Advances How Humans Do Things

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Technology advances how humans do things. Technological advancement gave people cell phones, computers, and the internet. It took people from the candle to the lightbulb and in the American classroom from chalkboards to Smart boards. Technology is constantly changing how teachers educate. In the modern age, with computers for research, and spell-checker and word processing systems for editing writing has become easier for most students. However, cell phones and other devices can cause distractions in the classroom. Although sometimes difficult, teachers are encouraged to use new technology to engage students in instructional time. As the world adapts to new technology, definitions for everyday words also change. Even the word “Literacy” is developing a new definition. “Literacy” is starting to mean more than mere reading and writing (Prensky 193). According to Marc Prensky, literacy now includes, “multimedia”, “interactivity and games”, “programming” and reading and writing a language (193). English teachers now should adapt to teach the newer forms. Literacy in English is only evolving to include more and more. Now that multiple items are “literacy”, teachers can assign written tasks that range from web page design to text-messages and blogs. According to John and Marilyn Connelly, “[s]tudent produced media is a powerful classroom tool in helping students to meet educational standards” (1). The article argues, “…that student media production can be the sugar that helps the learning (medicine) go down” (Connelly and Connelly 1). Principals and parents should encourage teachers to teach their students the new kinds of literacy. This new form can help students understand the content material on a deeper level and hel... ... middle of paper ... ...1). This argument is specifically concerned with nonstandard dialects of English, like African-American English, but teachers should sue Standard English in either case. Using Standard English will help students develop because they need to know the language of the business and high educational world. If teachers do not push students to achieve a high standard that they will fall behind prepared people. In conclusion, technology is essential in the modern classroom. In the English classroom, literacy and the writing process are developing to help students. Meanwhile, personal technology is a continual battle that teachers must cultivate to use it for education. When teachers use technology in their classrooms they prepare students to engage in the new world. Technology use is a transferable skill that can help students in multiple areas of schooling and life.
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