Technology Advancements and Its Effect on Society

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The application of scientific knowledge for the use of practical purposes is commonly defined as technology. During the 1920’s is when the entire craze began about technology, when the invention of the car was discovered. During this time new advancements, discoveries, and inventions improved the lives of many Americans. Technology results in expanding innovative ideas that are built on existing ideas. Different industries are developing new technologies according to the needs and requirements of today’s society. These advancements vary from generation to generation, impacting employment, agricultural techniques, social, mobile and audio technologies. Today, there is renewed concern that technological advancement may displace much of the workforce, creating widespread unemployment. Technology has shifted employment in major ways. It has made some labor intensive jobs easier to do cutting the time in half. As stated in the New York Times “Faster, cheaper computers and increasingly clever software are giving machines capabilities that were once thought to be distinctively human, like understanding speech, translating from one language to another and recognizing patterns. Automation is rapidly moving beyond just the basics. Why would employers/ companies need to fill positions with physical bodies when machines are just as qualified? On the up and up there is no training required, and no salary to be paid. On the other hand there are many individuals who don’t believe that technology is taking over employment, some promote that it is creating jobs in the workforce. As read in the article “What will advancement in technology mean for jobs in the future.” Henry, Lin states “By enhancing worker productivity through the use of techn... ... middle of paper ... ...sionmgr4004&hid=4208&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=a9h&AN=43603864 Jones, Haley. “Social media’s affect on Human Interaction.” 7 June 2013. Lin, Henry. “What will advancement in technology mean for jobs in the future?” 10 June 2013 Lohr, Steve. “Economist see more jobs for machines not people”. The New York Times 23 October 2011. Thibault, Renee. “On The Farm: Advancements In Technology.” 5KFYR-TV, 02 April 2014. Turkle, Sherry. “How computers change the way we think.” Chronicle of Higher Education 2004.

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