Technology Addiction Essay

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Addiction to technology is a new phenomenon, which has recently begun to affect the whole world. Any addiction can be dangerous, but addiction to technology has huge health repercussions behind it. Many people are just now beginning to experience the health effects of smart phone and other technologies overuse. With more people starting to use technology every day the health risks are becoming more apparent to us. Spending hours talking on the phone or playing games on an iPad can be dangerous for your overall health in the long run. Addictions to technologies are detrimental and can cause several health issues for human beings. The National Cancer Institution has recently released research, which proves that over time smart phone usage can lead to cancer. Cancer is a disease in which cells in the body are uncontrollable dividing. Many things such as the foods that you eat, the sun, and radiation can cause cancer. The type of cancer from smart phones may take several years to form, but when formed will be deadly because of the vital areas affected. The smartphone emits certain frequencies that damage human cells. These damaged human cells then cause cancer. With humans more frequently using cell phones the chance of getting cancer from them has exponentially increased. According to the National Cancer Institute, “Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy (radio waves), a form of non-ionizing radiation. Tissues nearest to where the phone is held can absorb this energy” (Devra 1). The radiation that is emitted from the phones can slowly cause cancer in the areas where the phone is most held, such as the head, and female breast area where many females tend to keep their phone at. This cancer may take many years to develop, and is jus... ... middle of paper ... ...heir phones. Other people may choose to feed their impulsive tendencies by gambling, drinking, or eating a lot of food. Checking your smart phone is in the same league as other impulsive behaviors. Technology is a great thing that has advanced us as a species immensely. Without it we would be nowhere near where we are today. Although technology is great it also causes many problems for us. Technology can cause cancer, and be just as addictive as narcotics. Technology has also caused serious traffic accidents which can tragically end human life. Addictions are very serious, and without people understanding that they have an addiction the problem will never be solved. If people are educated about technology addictions, and limit their time with smart phones and iPads many human lives can be saved. Obsessions with technology are terrible for humans, but can be solved.

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