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Technology makes everything much easier and convenient nowadays. People love to spend their life under the delight of advance technology, and I also like technology, especially with my technological devices and social network like Facebook and Instagram. According to Pew Research Internet Project, “Between February 2005 and August 2006, the use of social networking sites among young adult internet users ages 18-29 jumped from 9% to 49%.” Technology is constantly growing as time pass, and it will continue to grow over the time. When people misuse the advantage of technology, it becomes a negative impact on people. The growth of technology has influenced the people negatively because they spend most of their time using technology, become less connected with people outside the social network, and they have wasted their precious time.
People have spent too much time using technology. Technology is so advance that people encounter it every second in their daily routine. Start off from the morning, people use cell phones or digital alarm clocks set an alarm clock to wake up in the morning to get to work or school. After they wake up, people eat breakfast from refrigerator or cook on the stove, and then the transportation they use technology such as car, bus, or train to go to work or school. These are just some examples of how people encounter in their daily life.
The growth of the technology has made people less connected with people in reality. Children these days play video games or computer games a lot; consequently, they are no longer interested in playing outdoor games. The article, “The 4 Negative Side Effects Of Technology” by Alice Martin, explained, “According to studies, tolerance in children is vanishing quite increasingly...

... middle of paper ... back in the time. Living in the time when the technology is rapidly growing, people need to make sure to use to properly; otherwise, it will influence the people negatively.
I believe everything has good and bad, so it is good as long as people do not overdo it.

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