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Technology has been in our world for as long as I can remember. 20 years ago technology existed in a simpler way and people didn’t rely on it as heavily. But as years progress, we are becoming more and more technologically advanced, and the world is becoming more dependent on it. Not to say that this is a good or bad thing-it can be both. There can be positives to this new found technology but there can also be negatives. Technology use is almost impossible to avoid in today’s society but there is a way to avoid living dependently on it and form a healthy lifestyle that still includes technology.
Our society is becoming more and more technology advanced each year, and this advancement can be seen as beneficial to our society as a whole. First and foremost, technology is helping us to be able to communicate in ways that we weren’t able to communicate before. Communication is becoming faster and easier due to advancements such as texting, email, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. These communication devices allow people to stay connected with others and allows them to see what is happening in their life. With a quick text, we are able to reach someone in the matter of seconds and it is simple. Emails allow us to send messages to a group of people in a quick and efficient manner. And Skype allows When we haven’t seen our friend who lives hundreds or thousands of miles away, Skype allows us to reach that person within in a matter of minutes at no cost. It is easy to stay connected with people and know what is happening in other’s lives by social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Technology is helping people every day stay connected and communicate in fast and efficient ways.
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There are ways that people often abuse and misuse technology but things can also be avoided most of the time. People are constantly wanting more and more with technology and each time there is a new update, people must have it. They are abusing technology by wanting more and more of it instead of being content with what they already have. And when people finally get that new updated version, they don’t take care of it. People are very careless with technology and throw it around like it is nothing. People also misuse technology in the sense that they don’t use it for the right purposes. For instance, the Internet. The Internet is made to look things up and stay connected with others but people use it for evil purposes such as bullying people over the Internet.
All of these abuses and misuses can easily be avoided if one tries.
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