Technological History

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Throughout history there have been major advancements in nations and their cultures. Some of these nations fell after centuries of flourishing because of inventions that crumbled various empires. Advancements that have been thriving and changing include farming, housing, governments, and electronic interface. Technology advancements have played a major and vital in human life and the world as a whole. Throughout the different centuries that nations and empires existed technology has expanded and improved. From the simplest tools for agricultural use to weapons of mass destruction, the various technologies have made drastic changes that had both negative and positive impacts on the world today. According to a timeline for technology, research shows that the first calculator was invented by Babylonian that was made and produced in the year 2400BC ( With this in mind, technology has almost been around since the first days of civilization and has greatly been improved upon to where technology is now today. Another major empire that had expanded their technology was the Persian Empire. The most recognized advancement that they had was the development of the suspension bridges that suspended over lakes and rivers, which connected the empire ( This type of technology helped the Persian Empire to grow and control a vast amount of land and conquering other empires with ease. While the Persian Empire was conquering lands, China was making their own type of technology that has changed other nations and the world. The technology advancement that China has created was the paper currency to purchase and pay for various types of necessities that were needed, like food and shelter. Another adva... ... middle of paper ... ... Cited Gallagher, J. (2010, March 26). Technological advances that changed and shaped the world. Retrieved from (Gallagher, 2010) Alchin, L. (2012, July 16). Technology timeline. Retrieved from (Alchin, 2012) Andrews, E. (2012, December 18). Innovations that changed history. Retrieved from (Andrews, 2012) Jacob, S. (1999). A history of technology advances inspired by disability. Retrieved from (Jacob, 1999) Pelleier, D. (2014). Earth 2210: technology advances possible in next 200 years. Retrieved from (Pelleier, 2014)
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