Technological Advances in Communication

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"In the beginning was the word." Even the Bible seems to date man's beginnings to the first discovery in communication- the spoken word. Follow me, if you will, on a tour of the improvements man has made in "passing the word."

First we will travel back, some five million years ago, to the very beginning of mankind. As we travel through the arid desserts, wooded forests, or grassy plains we stop upon the cave man. Little does he know, but he is about to create history. After spotting a herd of deer, instead of motioning with his arms, or gesturing with his head, he makes a series of sounds, beyond the normal grunts or clicks. Although they may seem meaningless to us, these sounds have just been recognized by his fellow hunters, and they too are able to spot the herd. It's these very sounds that will lead to words, which start a revolution in communication. They add more words, and soon this tribe develops their own form of communication.

Centuries go by, and now this tribe has developed these words into an actual language. Because of these words, this tribe has grown and now thrives. They are more productive and are able to survive better now than ever. They are no longer nomads, instead they are now living in small settlements. Even though they have their own language, the way they communicate is still not complete. Any great events had to be memorized, because there was no way of recording them. And all messages had to be delivered verbally. So people began looking for other means of communication, which lead them to the next greatest discovery in history: symbols and the written alphabet.

Travel ahead in time with me to the 33rd century B.C. The prehistoric tribe we have followed has now evolved into a civil...

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... this device actually makes it seem like you are standing right next to the projected person. You can meet and talk with the person eye to eye. And the whole body is projected, not just from the neck up. Teleportec is already marketing it's teleporters for $70, 000, including installation.

Who knows where this could take us. The current intended use has been to conduct meetings with them, however think of how many other things we could do with them. You could meet and talk with people from all around the world, learn about different cultures and become more educated about what's going on in the world around you, not just in your own back yard.

Imagine the possibilities. Our technology has come so far. Who would have thought that it all started with just one word. One simple spoken word. Who knows where teleportation will lead us. The possibilities are endless.
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